Wireless Security - Conflicting settings

  Evolution 14:00 01 Jan 08


I run 3 XP Home (SP2) Dell laptops wirelessly via a Draytek router.

Recently however, my son's connection intermittantly dropped out and would not recoonect unless I re-entered the wireless network key information within the settings under my wireless network properties.

However I have noticed something strange.

I use Network Authentication WPA-PSK and Data Encryption TKIP for all laptops (as set up on my router) and this is entered in my wireless network settings.

However on my son's laptop only, when I look at the wireless network list, it shows Authentification of my network to be WPA2 with Data Encryption being AES. However the set properties are still WPA-PSK and TKIP.

Could this conflict be the cause of the occasional drop but more to the point, why is this happening?

All other laptops have no such conflict and perform faultlessly.

Any advice would be welcome.



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