wireless security! can i get past it?

  smigz400 22:09 28 Dec 06

Hi every1.
I have a pc downstairs in my house and i bought a laptop yesterday with built in wireless connection device. so i bought a bt voyager 2091 from currys so i could hopefully connect via that 2 the wireless connection on my laptop.

I fully installed it and the internet is still working on my pc but im trying to connect to the connection and it wont let me because it says its a secure connection? and asks me for a network key?
How do i aquire this and were from i have searched everywere for this? it might jus be me because i dont fully understand wireless etc...

If anyone could help me i would really appreciate it. regards adam

  mammak 22:21 28 Dec 06

the wireless key should be on a sticker on the underside of the 2091 bt voyager router good luck.

  namtas 22:54 28 Dec 06

When you run the the monitor software, it should search for and then list "Available Networks"; this should include the SSID (network name) of your router. Highlight this entry and select the option to "Connect" to it. Once connected, the little icon gets a "halo" to indicate that it has connected. If encryption has been enabled in the router's wireless settings as it seems to be from your description (you will require the 13 character code that you set up initially), you won't be able to connect until this has been entered into the adapter's settings too. You can either do that or, until you get things working, disable encryption in the router.

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