Wireless Security

  FerriF 21:55 28 Feb 07

I am using Wireless conection. How do I find out if it is secure. Where do I look for it?

  woodchip 22:01 28 Feb 07

First in the software on the Wireless computer. If software as been loaded. To set it up you have to go into the router and go to wireless settings to set it up. then put the info into Wireless software. Also when you have set it up go back into Router and tick the box not to Broadcast SSID

  Strawballs 22:03 28 Feb 07

If you right click on the wireless icon at the bottom right (assuming that you have your start bar at the bottom) and click on view availiable wireless networks then you should be able to pick out yours and it will say if it is secure or not. If you have not setup encryption then it will not be secure.

click here

  Miké 22:04 28 Feb 07

Did you have to enter a passphrase or password when setting up the connection on PC?

If YES then it is secure, well reasonably so.

  moorie- 22:09 28 Feb 07

if you go into network connections
right click your wireless connectionproperties
click wireless network tab across top

highlight your connection and click properties

data encryption should reveal wether its using wep key
my pc also has an icon in toolbar if i click on that and then click view wireless networks it reveals security enabled network/connected

  Strawballs 22:12 28 Feb 07

If you have to set up encryption I would suggest WPA over WEP as it is more secure.

  Ashrich 22:35 28 Feb 07

Whatever you do , do not bother about disabling the SSID , it does nothing for security but can , and often does , cause connection problems , plus , if you ever have to connect manually there is nothing displayed for you to connect to ...just give your router a suitable name , something pertinent to you and certainly not the manufacturers name , set a good user name and password for the router and preferably use , as suggested by Strawballs , WPA encryption . To find out if it is secure already , double click on the wireless icon on the task bar and " view wireless networks , if yours says " Security enabled " it's using WEP , if it says " Security enabled etc. ( WPA ) then that is WPA encrypted .


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 01 Mar 07

Always use WPA.

WEP is crackable in approx 5 minutes.

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