Wireless routers

  CyprusJohn 09:29 20 Jul 12

I live in a house with reinforced concrete floors. I can not get a good signal upstairs nor indeed further away than 10-15 metres with my supplied Thomson WiFi router. What should I look for in a new WiFi router to replace my current one?

  Nontek 09:44 20 Jul 12

Try Homeplugs - very easy to use, simply plug & play!

click here

  The Kestrel 10:10 20 Jul 12

I fully agree with Nontek's recommendation. I had the same problem, connecting my wife's PC to the router via wireless. With homeplugs she now has a reliable connection, with almost no loss in speed compared to my PC which is hard wired to the router.

I bought mine from ebuyer where there is a good selection.


  CyprusJohn 10:18 20 Jul 12

What a good idea. Thanks for that, I will order them today. Much better than broadcasting to the neighbourhood.

  robin_x 10:22 20 Jul 12

I think you can also put a Wireless Range Extender on the other end of the Homeplug to get further WiFi.

  CyprusJohn 10:26 20 Jul 12

I am gratefull for all the comments. I now have to decide which one, they all say different things but I suspect i will have to swallow the pride and go to a shop!!

  Nontek 11:17 20 Jul 12

These are what I use -

They are excellent, and I notice that they have reduced in price by about £10 since I bought mine some time ago.

Initially a Pair are required, after that, any number of extra Homeplugs may be added.

  onthelimit1 11:48 20 Jul 12

Possibly stating the obvious, but if you want wireless in the far rooms, make sure you buy one wired (connects to router) and one wireless home plug (wireless ones are more expensive). An example is here Others are cheaper, but I have had some problems with some of the budget ones.

  Nontek 12:37 20 Jul 12


In my experience Wired Homeplugs are best - i.e. more Secure and slightly Faster then Wireless!

I have used both!

  onthelimit1 13:17 20 Jul 12

Nontek - I agree, but he did say he was getting a poor wireless signal. I use a pair of wired homeplugs, then pluged in an old wireless router to the far one as a wireless access point - best of both worlds!

  Nontek 13:32 20 Jul 12

onthelimit1 - true, but what if he does not have another spare router? Using Homeplugs he does not need another router.

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