Wireless Router to Wireless Gateway

  rogerboa 09:42 11 Mar 08

I live in France, and most of my equipment was sourced in the UK, which is where I am from.

I’m a novice with WiFi! I know what I want, and have some idea of the pitfalls, but I need someone to tell me if my assumptions are on the right track, or just stupid!

I have installed a Linskys WAG200G ADSL Home Gateway, which is working fine. This is linked via Ethernet cable to my computer, giving me access to the Internet via my broadband ISP - Wanadoo/Orange, AKA France Telecom. The computer and Gateway are both located on the first floor of our house, and are connected to one of my two fixed telephone lines. This line has been dedicated to the Internet from when we only had a dialup connection and before changing to broadband.

I have just purchased a Siemens S675 IP telephone, which needs a Router to aid the connection to the Internet. This telephone is plugged into my second telephone line located on the ground floor, providing use of the fixed line for incoming calls and answerphone, and outgoing fixed line calls. I need an Internet connection for this unit, because I want to use the telephone for VOIP calls to the UK and Ireland in particular, without having to switch on my computer every time I want to make a call, a facility built into the telephone, if and when I can configure it over the Web!

Can someone please advise me if there is a Linskys wireless telephone/adapter/router into which I can plug the telephone, and which will communicate wirelessly with the WAG200G? If there is, will it need a separate adapter, or is the built-in technology sufficient, in other words will a Linskys Router (say the WRT54GL or WRTP54G) ‘talk’ wirelessly to the Gateway, and thus enable my telephone to make VOIP calls?

Siemens simply say a wireless router will work, but will not go further and say which one! The ‘Ask Linskys’ automated help system does have lots of useful advice, but when it comes down to answering my questions, sends you round in circles, and is, quite frankly, driving me mad!

  Tech Guy 20:56 12 Mar 08

Is the VoiP phone wifi enabled, if not I haven't heard of anything you can simply plug in to make it wifi enabled.

The phone I use is Belkin wifi skype, plug base in telephone socket and it just connects to your wireless network.

  rogerboa 07:31 13 Mar 08

Thanks Tech Guy - I don't think my problem is with the phone, because everything coming from Siemens simply tells me to connect with the PC via a router, and they have said WiFi should not be a problem. My problem is finding the right router which will communicate with the Gateway. I'm not technical - and perhaps you can tell me - but I think the Codecs and protocols for the phone are OK -
Codecs: G.711, G.726, G.729AB with VAD/CNG, G.722
Protocols: DECT, GAP, SIP, RTP, DHCP, NAT Traversal (STUN), HTTP

  Tech Guy 00:47 14 Mar 08

As your phone is NOT WiFi I have not heard of any device that will make it so.

Your phone will work if you connect it via ethernet cable to the router.

If you want to use this phone on different floor you are going to have to buy a WiFi phone, like the one i have.

  rogerboa 07:20 14 Mar 08

Thanks again Tech Guy - The core of my problem is to identify the best Router into which I can connect my phone via ethernet cable (which is supplied in the Siemens pack), and ensure good wireless communciation to the Gateway, and thereby to the Internet. In my first submission I listed Linskys WRT54GL or WRTP54G - are either of these what I'm looking for, or should I try something else?

  Tech Guy 06:22 15 Mar 08

I do understand what you are trying to achive and like I said your phone is NOT WiFi enabled and you can not make it so.

Even if you connect it to another WiFi router (via ethernet) the two routers (or gateways as linksys call them) will not talk to each other via WiFi. The term gateway refers to gateway to the outside world (internet) and will not turn devices connected into WiFi devices.

I hope you understand this, you will have you buy a WiFi Voip phone.

The only other thing I can think is ethernet over mains, but don't think this will be any good for Voip, as it will be too slow for Voip.

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