wireless router security

  0000jb0000 16:42 08 Jul 06

Have had a computer running windows xp and m cafee internet suite for sometime. I have now got an Acer travelmate wireless laptop so installed the same Mcafee suite on that as well. I have the US robotics router to connect to the internet. Do I have to configure the security system on the router as well cos it is very confusing (i'm quite new to all this). Can nasties get in and see my details when i'm surfing even though i have the other mcafee stuff?

  ade.h 17:11 08 Jul 06

Lots of discussions about network security click here

  Taff™ 17:15 08 Jul 06

The router probably has a Firewall built into it as well so you`re likely to be well protected. Which model is it exactly? You need to set up some encryption on the router WEP or WPA - Have you done that already?

The chances of someone trying to hack into your system are pretty remote anyway. post back and we`ll take it from there.

  0000jb0000 17:58 08 Jul 06

Its the wep and wpa that confuses me. The instructions are for those who understand the terminology!!! Where do i find the ip address and ssid thingy. When you dont understand the abbreviations its hard to follow. Its a US robotic 5461 and has a firewall.

  ade.h 18:01 08 Jul 06

You should use WPA-PSK.

Can you post a link to the manual, please? (Not a direct download link though, for obvious reasons). I'll have a quick look and get back to you.

  Taff™ 18:05 08 Jul 06

If you can connect to the internet from the laptop. click here An automated help assistant.

If not post back and I`ll copy the instructions for you.

  Taff™ 18:21 08 Jul 06

Manuals Link click here Might be away for a couple of hours. ade.h - you`re in charge!

  ade.h 18:47 08 Jul 06

click here for the security config instructions (you will need javascript enabled to see this page).

Given that your laptop is new, it should be WPA2 compliant, so choose that from the first drop-down in the Wireless section of the Security tab. Then choose AES protocol.

Open Notepad. Create a key, such as tyk4839dfgw02417=&$%#68843nvgst or something similar.

Ctrl+A to highlight it, then Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard. Save the file. Return to your browser and place the cursor in the Passphrase box. Ctrl+V to paste.

Ensure that key rotation is zero.

While you're here, you must make a unique config password (in Router Login). Make a note of it in the same text file as your PSK.

Save and logout.

Copy the text file to your wireless client (the laptop).

Switch on your WLAN adapter via its keyboard/fascia switch before logging in to your User Account.

Click on the WLAN icon in the Notification Area.

Refresh the network list from the left pane.

Look for your SSID and click Connect.

Open the text file. Select and copy the PSK again.

Paste it into the dialogue box on both lines.


Respond to any requests from your client (software) firewall to create a rule that allows this connection. If it does not prompt you, then it has done it automatically, in which case, you will need to check it, particularly since you are using McAfee.

  ade.h 18:49 08 Jul 06

Oh, and while you're in your router config, go to the Wireless tab and set a unique SSID. This is important to prevent identification of your brand of router, because if it has any weak spots, wardrivers are likely to be aware of them.

  0000jb0000 14:50 09 Jul 06

Thanks for all your help I've printed the info off and will have a go.

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