Wireless Router - interference

  Publisher 22:06 04 Mar 06

I have a BT Voyagr wireless sytem, WEP key protected for my desktop and laptop. The connection with my laptop is a bit temperamental and frequently refuses to connect. The list of available networks lists a belkin connection too! I suspect a neighbour has a wireless sytem and that its interfereing with mine.

Can I do anything?


  Fingees 22:17 04 Mar 06

Go to the wireless setup page.
select channel & SSID.

Change channel from the default of 11.

Hope this helps.

  Publisher 22:25 04 Mar 06

Mine uses Channel 7, the belkin is channel 11.


  Fingees 22:31 04 Mar 06

I certainly would have thought it could be changed.

I haven't met one that is permanently fixed yet, but I could be proved wrong.

All the best.

  Publisher 22:34 04 Mar 06

Sorry, I don't understand, are you saying I should change it from channel 7?

What channel? Do I have to change the desktop too?


  ade.h 00:02 05 Mar 06

You'd be wise to remove that other network from your list, which may help.

R-click on your wifi LAN adapter in Network Connections. Select "properties" and view the Wireless tab. The available networks can be removed and once this is done, they don't come back unless the owner changes their SSID.

Play around with different channels, and have a go at fine-tuning the position of the router. This, surprisingly, can make a big difference depending on its surroundings.

  Publisher 11:36 20 Jan 07

Thanks for all the help, but I am making no progress at all, my laptop won't connect at all, even with a new adapter, I have a couple of other threads trying to find a solution, so maybe best to ignore this thread.

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