Wireless Router Connection Issues

  rotormota 18:59 04 Aug 10


Netgear Router.

I have a desktop connected via Ethernet to a Netgear wireless router & for the last 6 weeks I have had frustrating Internet & email connection issues. The problem has occurred every day & nearly always between about 11.30am-2pm. Basically sending & receiving emails results in error messages & IE is unable to display web pages. Usually continuous clicking send/receive for emails or refresh for the net eventually seems to force the desired result. It does happen at other times of the day but less so. Additionally I have a laptop connected wirelessly & a further desktop via an Ethernet & both remain completely unaffected.

I have fiddled with cables & regularly run malware scans so I know these are not the causes.

To add to the mystery Firefox also gives blank results. However, today purely by chance I seemed to get an improvement in IE8 utilising the Compatibility feature. This of course does not explain the email issue or Firefox.

Any ideas gratefully received.


  recap 20:27 14 Aug 10

Post the error message J, this may help to resolve your issue?

  steadysden 13:59 15 Aug 10

I have similar problems. I'm on the Herne Bay Kent exchange with Plusnet call package and line.Have just upgraded my old Netgear to Belkin router with little improvement.My line is only giving me about 5mbs. Also does anyone's Freeview fade out at a ctitical moment? I watch a film for two hours only to miss the last five minuites.Gremlins !!!!!!

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