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  r.s.logan 23:06 16 Feb 08

Could you please advise ? Is there any way I can check if any one nearby is picking up on our wireless connections . The kids are complaining the network is slow and I thought this might be a cause. We use an Actiontec router , grateful for any help given . Thank you. P.s as far as I am aware , the router was set up and firewalled correctly as per call to Actiontec on initial install.

  cream. 23:22 16 Feb 08

First of all have you enabled the security on the router?

the best way to check is to switch off all computers and see if there is any traffic flow through the router. i.e watch the indicator lights.

Also check your usage through your ISP account, see if it tallies or is it very high.

  r.s.logan 23:51 16 Feb 08

I know very little about computers and have switched both off as you suggested .I noticed on the router , the light that says "wireless " was flashing when computers off .Would this suggest some one hacking in ? I also have now noticed if I screen router aerial from direction I suspect may be picking up signal , it stops flashing and is constant . Does this make sense?

  Kemistri 01:38 17 Feb 08

No. It indicates the outbound handshake and SSID broadcast. Without getting into the complexities and expense of WLAN traffic sniffing, I suggest that you just do the one thing that is guaranteed to prevent unauthorised access by wardrivers and law-breaking neighbours: use WPA encryption. That's not WEP, but WPA. click here and then read your router's manual for specifics.

If you have any more networking queries, I would encourage you to post in the Networking forum.

  MAJ 09:35 17 Feb 08

Also, depending on your router's capabilities, you may be able to enter the router's configuration page and see if anyone else is using your connection, there might be a "View wireless clients connected" option somewhere in there.

  r.s.logan 17:11 18 Feb 08

Many thanks to all for replies and help , appreciated

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