Wireless relays, can someone clarify please

  bumpkin 24 Feb 13

Hi all, I would like to extend the range on my wireless connections. Some time back I bought 2 of the plug in devices from Amazon, they did not state in their advertising that they had to be on the same circuit so were useless to me and I had to return them. The basic question here is are there devices that can be used on any circuits i.e. one down the workshop on its own circuit breaker and the other upstairs on a completely different one and they will still work together. Looking at the available devices I can't find one that actually makes this point clear, it's a huge difference between limited use and works anywhere.

Something like this might work.

  spuds 25 Feb 13

Just make sure that you have the necessary 'security' in operation, and no 'ultra' thick wall or similar obstacles.

  bumpkin 25 Feb 13

Thanks, not sure if that is what I need or not. I have E mailed the seller for some more info.

  onthelimit1 25 Feb 13

Not sure why you needed to email the seller - these devices simply pick up a weak wireless signal and retransmit it at a stronger level. Should work for what you want to do.

  bumpkin 25 Feb 13

Hi again, reading through Ian's link it suggests that this needs to be connected to a Sky box, maybe not but that was what I asked the seller to clarify.

  bumpkin 25 Feb 13

Here is pasted the reply from the seller ( The device provides Internet access to OnDemand devices such as smart TV's , SKY and youview boxes. It connects tl these devices via an Ethernet cable and connects rotor router wirelessly.) This still leaves me confused as to whether this is the correct device.

  bumpkin 25 Feb 13

Hi and thanks for your replies. I don't think I explained too well in my OP, will try again here rather than open another post. I want to have wifi connection available at 2 out buildings appx 50mtrs from my wireless router. Not surprisingly this does not work at present. Both buildings have mains power from the house so am looking for something that can use the wiring for the data tranfer then plug in a wireless device at the other end. Does anyone know of a suitable bit of kit, the source and destination are NOT on the same circuit.

  onthelimit1 26 Feb 13

If not on the same circuit, homeplugs will not work. If there is a weak signal at the outbuildings, a booster of some sort example here should do the trick. There are other options such as more powerful antennas which can be fitted to some models of router (but not all - some have a built-in aerial). an example here

  difarn 26 Feb 13

I believe that home plugs will work on different mains circuits as long as they all go through the same consumer box. What they will not do is to cross phases. As you say that your units have ains power from the house, do they use the same consumer unit?

This article may interest you.

  difarn 26 Feb 13

Just as an afterthought, are you aware that you can obtain these plugs that provide wifi and ethernet connections? I believe that the ethernet connections are much more stable.


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