Wireless Range Extender Problem

  Cage 21:22 13 Sep 06

Hi everyone this is my first post here, im getting kind of desperate with this networking problem..
ok this is what it is;

My Wireless router is on the ground floor of my house with my modem and my PC is on my top floor (3rd floor)

I can access the internet with no worries, but the network just keeps connecting and disconnecting when ever it feels like it.

But that isnt the main problem.

So I thought that due to the distance between my router and PC I will buy a range extender.

So I paid out the £50.00 for one but it is not detecting my network at all. When I switch off my router it then connects to next doors network and boosts there signal!!! but it wont detect mine even though its literally right next to it!!

please please help this is driving me crazy as its causing me severe lag in online games and slow download speeds

Many thanks


  TomG 18:32 14 Sep 06

Please can you post the manufacturer and model number.

  Strawballs 18:52 14 Sep 06

This may sound daft but try installing it on the next floor up maybe it was too close as it detected and connected to nextdoors.

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