Wireless Problems with Laptop.

  Beardie 15:18 04 May 06

When I turn on my laptop I get the signal icon telling me evrythings ok.After a few minutes a red cross appears on the icon saying the is no connection but there STILL is.
Any ideas from anybody!!

  woodchip 15:28 04 May 06

As it worked before? are you XP?

  Beardie 17:38 04 May 06

Thanks for the reply.I have windows XP. Just cannt understand why it shows disconnection when its working!!!!

  santa2 21:20 04 May 06

I have wireless setup with laptop and tower, it took bit a time. Is the wireless hardware and software installed? Is the wireless properties set? I used ad-hoc. Is your firewall allowing your laptops IP address?

  Granger 11:14 05 May 06

Are you sure it's the same connection? For example you may be connected by cable and it's a wireless adapter that's not connected. If you're not using a connection it looks like a fault but isn't.

  Granger 11:15 05 May 06

Sorry, being thick - just noticed the title of the thread - so it may be the LAN connection that's not doing anything.

  woodchip 11:16 05 May 06

To connect the Laptop WiFi Settings have to be the same settings as the Wireless Router. Like SSID etc

  Tog_ 11:44 05 May 06

I had something similar with a guy who visits site occasionally. He never lost access but the message always came up about 30 secs after initial connection to the router. Tracked it down to a utility (DELL I think) that was competing with XP settings. The only way round it was to disable the wireless device through XP then use the utility to re-enable it and then always access the settings through the utility. I can't remember the details more clearly than that, sorry.

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