Wireless Problems

  Edward-207256 14:55 12 Sep 07

I am running a Dell Inspiron 9200 with an N1 Mimo wireless modem router. The internet is connected on the wired computer. On the desktop downstairs, i have installed a Belkin Wireless G Network Desktop Card. I have tried everything possible to connect the downstairs desktop to the wireless network, but with no success. I have been given instructions by Belkin, but they couldn't resolve it. The downstairs desktop doesn't even find the N1 mimo, anybody got any ideas? Its only a mere 7 metres, if that, and this 'mimo' can apparently reach 425 metres.

Any help would be appreciated.


  Edward-207256 14:56 12 Sep 07

Edit - Windows Media Centre is the operating system.

  fitshase 15:59 12 Sep 07

Have you tried to connect to it with both computers side by side?

This will eliminate a problem with the wireless side of things (either the router or the card).

The range of 425m is a maximum range in ideal conditions with clear line of sight. It is also normally only achievable using the associated receiver to the router (I have a Netgear Rangemax MIMO router and I can only get the maximum range using a Netgear Rangemax USB adaptor - i.e., not a standard card).

If you are trying to get the signal 7 metres down through 2 floors (with pipes under floors) then you may struggle. Try to re-position the router to see if it makes any difference but first make sure to try the computers side by side with the router.

  diesel1948 16:02 12 Sep 07

thanks for your reply,
i had an earlier version of a belkin router installed before, and that managed to pick up the computer downstairs, so i have no idea why this isn't doing the same.

I checked the card, in device manager, and it said it was working. The card also finds a neighbours wireless network, but not mine.

Any ideas?

  Edward-207256 16:53 12 Sep 07

sorry. Diesel1948 is my fathers account btw.

I have solved the problem, by switching the wireless mode from "802.11g, 802.11b and 802.11n" to 802.11g only.

Now its running.

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