Wireless Problems

  mikeyh57 21:31 13 Nov 05

We have set up a wireless network using a D-Link dl 524 router which is connected at 54mbs and is showing as excellent strength on our downstairs computer.
we have two further computers upstairs that will not pick up the signal for our wireless network yet regularly pick up a signal for another network which isnt ours.

Any suggestions greatfully recieved.

  LAP 14:13 14 Nov 05

If you activated your security settings. 1 you shouldn't pick up your next door neighbours signal (which is illegal to use it) and 2 in which case you might stand a better chance of picking up your own signal. Worth a try.

  mikeyh57 15:11 14 Nov 05

Cheers LAP
When you say security settings what exactly do you mean, all of the computers are firewalled through XP's own firewall do i need to do anything else

  woodchip 15:47 14 Nov 05

Setup your Encryption on the Router, You need to copy this exact on the Wireless

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