Wireless problem

  keenkev51 15:08 PM 07 Mar 12

I can connect to the sky wireless router but it will not let me connect to the internet even when I change the router settings to "open" log on router is reading "kernel intrusion" please help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:43 PM 07 Mar 12

The kernel (software) on your router is letting you know that somebody tried to connect ('intrude') to your WAN IP address.

This happens all the time, entire botnets are dedicated to trying to connect to random IP addresses at certain ports to try default user/password combinations to see if they can find weak security somewhere. However because the router denies this, there is no problem.

Your problem is you cannot connect to the internet this could be faulty router / faulty line / ISP server down.

how are you connecting now?

  Strawballs 19:47 PM 07 Mar 12

Have you tried just unplugging the router for a min and restarting?

  Strawballs 19:48 PM 07 Mar 12

That's unplugging from the mains!

  keenkev51 12:01 PM 08 Mar 12

have tried resetting router, unpluging etc etc also have gone into security setting in router and manualy input ip address to allow internet access but still not working, I have ordered new wireless card for laptop as it would not connect on another wireless router also hopfully this should sort it thks for all comments and sugestions i will keep u updated


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