Wireless problem

  steve263000 15:33 14 Sep 08

Hi, I have a Wi-Fi set up to my computer and this is for my sons bedroom where he has his games machine. No problem and it works well.

However I now need to move the main computer upstairs. Would I be able to make this one wireless and how do I do it. It may be simple to you, but I have always used this downstairs.

I have a Virgin cable modem with an SMC netwoks BarricadeN Wi-Fi network.

Thanks in advance

  mgmcc 21:30 14 Sep 08

You need to install a "Wireless Network Adapter" (PCI or USB) in your main computer and then you will be able to connect "wirelessly" to your existing network.

  steve263000 10:01 15 Sep 08

Thanks for the answer mgmcc and sorry for sounding thick, but how do I set it up? I assume that the modem and wi-fi stay downstairs but where do I put the broadband cable? Be polite please!

  ambra4 12:47 15 Sep 08

“but where do I put the broadband cable”

There is no broadband cable with a USB wireless adapter, load the driver from the cd and than

connect the wireless adapter to a USB port on the computer, scan for available wireless networks

select the network SSID name that your system is set for and click connect, a pop up display will

request the security code if you have a secure system, you have to enter the same code that you

entered in the wireless router

Sample of difference type of USB wireless adapters

Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Range Booster

click here

Linksys Wireless-G 54Mbps Compact USB Adapter

click here

Linksys Wireless-N USB Adapter

click here

  steve263000 09:51 16 Sep 08

Thanks very much and I will give this a go soon. The links are very useful as well

  steve263000 14:26 17 Sep 08

I am going to sound completely thick here but I`still cannot get my head around this wireless problem. I have ordered the adapter and that should be hear any day.

My question is this. I have the cable that comes from virgin and goes into the back of their modem. Then a cable comes from the SMC networks to the modem. There is also a cable that comes from the SMC networks to the computer.

When the computer is moved what happens to that one? I am not usually this thick but I just cannot get my head into this.

ambra4 said there is no need for a broadband cable but surely the cable must go somewhere or I would not get the web?

I really sound like a complete idiot, but this has got to be sorted out in the next day or so.

  ambra4 15:12 17 Sep 08

The cable that goes to the computer from the router just unplug, there is no need to use that cable again unless you8 want to plug in a other computer via a lan card

  dawood 15:30 17 Sep 08

There is no cable connection between your computer upstairs and SMC wireless router, because they will be connected wirelessly.. Take a look on this wireless network setup tutorial click here to get better ideas..

  ambra4 15:54 17 Sep 08

Just think about wireless as hard wire with out the cable just like a wireless phone or your mobile phone

  steve263000 17:22 17 Sep 08

At last I seem to have got my head around it. Thank you all for your patience

  ambra4 19:32 17 Sep 08

Glad to be of help

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