wireless printing

  alibob1526 21 May 11

I have a Kodak esp3250 all-in-one printer & a windows 7 64 bit laptop. I have been told that it is possible to connect the two wirelessly via the BT modem. Is this true?, & if so does anyone know what to do to accomplish this?. Also, is it possible to print more than one photo on one sheet of paper, 4x6 5x7 or A4 size. Each time I try I get one photo on one sheet. I would like to print possibly several different photo;s on the same sheet.

  gengiscant 22 May 11

Follow these steps to print all the four pictures in one page. 1. Select all the four pictures, right-click and select Print. You should get the option “How do you want to print your pictures?”. 2. On the right-panel, there are various layouts available.

Choose 3.5 * 5 in . (4).

This fits all the four images in one page. You can choose other layouts available as per your requirement. 3. Also check with the various paper sizes available. That should be it. As for your question about connecting to your BT hub, sorry cannot help.

  Taff™ 22 May 11

There are various articles on using the BT Home Hub as a print server. It has limitations and depends on the version of the Home Hub as well. I can`t find anything regarding Windows 7 but Click Here is for XP and a Home Hub with a USB port as one of the connectors.

  alibob1526 22 May 11

Thank you to both Gengiscant and Taff tm for your responses, I will try both suggestions. It may be a while but I will let you know the outcome. Thanks.

  onthelimit1 22 May 11

You may find using the free Picasa from Google and excellent way of organising, emailing and printing pictures. As far as I know, the Kodak does not have wireless facility.

  alibob1526 31 May 11

Thanks to you who replied to my request, I tried the suggestions but the wireless on the Kodak did not work, likewise the printing of different photo's did not work for me, perhaps I did not do things right, possibly more detail might help. Maybe all the photo's have to be together because picking photo.s one at a time just removes the previous photo. As for picasso, I do have it on my pc with my photo's.

  chub_tor 01 Jun 11

If you have the latest BT HomeHub 3 it is not possible to connect a printer to the USB port. I researched this earlier and was pointed to this link

  onthelimit1 01 Jun 11

'just removes the previous photo'

In Picasa, it won't if you click the 'hold' button.


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