Wireless Printing

  wrg 17:14 04 Apr 08

Afternoon all.

I have Virgin Media broadband. My router is a Netgear that has only 4 ethernet ports one of which is plugged into the modem for VM. I want to be able to print wirelessly. Can anyone advise on how to do this.



  Ditch999 17:18 04 Apr 08

Do you mean that you want the printer to be wireless or you want to be able to use a wireless PC to print or both?

  wrg 17:26 04 Apr 08


I want a wireless pc to print from the printer in question. We a wired PC and 2 wirelss laptops. I want the laptops to print to this printer

need to set up a network and share printer
some info
click here

  Technotiger 17:30 04 Apr 08
  wrg 18:51 04 Apr 08

Raven & Technotiger thanks for your response.
Technotiger tried that article last week and could not get it to work. Did not mention and maybe should have done but the 2 lappies are Vista and the wired PC is XP

  Ditch999 18:54 04 Apr 08

How do the laptops connect to the internet?

  iarno 20:40 04 Apr 08

Have a look at this. click here download the free version, 7.4 then if you like it upgrade later for just a few pounds, (about £15) well worth it. Its what I use and wouldn't be without it. I run 2 pc's and a laptop all wireless and is so easy to set up.


  wrg 10:15 07 Apr 08

Thanks Ditch999 & iarno. Ditch999 they connect wirelessly. I have and DSL router that plugs into a modem (or vice versa). I then have the router wired into a PC in another room. The laptops just connect when they are booted up. The connection is password protected. iarno will try your suggestion later.

  Gongoozler 10:21 07 Apr 08

I recently bought a Canon Pixma MP600R which prints and scans wirelessly. It's not cheap, but the results are superb. click here

  Ditch999 11:02 07 Apr 08

Is the printer connected to the wired PC? If so you can set up a small network and share the printer. Raven has a link which shows you how to do that.

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