wireless printing

  iqs 18:25 28 Sep 07


Hello.I require assistance please with setting up wireless printing.

I have gone into the printing properties on the PC and allowed sharing.

When I try and print from the Laptop,nothing happens.PC and printer are both switched on.

Do I have to install the printer drivers on the Laptop?.If yes ,must I follow the on screen instructions to the letter,connect printer,switch on printer etc etc.

Or is this all wrong?.

Your help is appreciated.

  irishrapter 19:00 28 Sep 07

Yes you need to install the printer on the laptop, you also need to be on the same workgroup as the computer that is sharing the printer.

Assuming that you are on the same workgroup it should be just a matter of going to Start / Search and search of a computer on the network.
You should then see the computer that is sharing the printer.
Double click on that computer and then on the printer and follow the install prompts on screen.

After that the printer should show up in your "printers and faxes" window.

  iqs 19:23 28 Sep 07


Both laptop and PC are on the same workgroup.Both speak to each other when transferring data.

I will locate the printer drivers and try again.Thanks for your help.

  irishrapter 00:11 29 Sep 07

You may not need the printer drivers as the main computer that is sharing the printer is running XP, it should share the drivers when requested.

  iqs 15:23 29 Sep 07

irishrapter,experiencing a few problems :-(

When click on the main PC, via workgroups.The following 2 icon are shown

EPSONSty and Printer and Faxes

EPSONSty is the only icon when clicked which asks for the drivers.But the following message appears...The server for the EPSON,does not have the correct printer driver installed.Click OK to search.
It searches the laptop harddrive for the drivers,not the PC.
Any ideas please

  irishrapter 18:28 29 Sep 07

Go to the Epson website and download the drivers for your laptop for whatever operating system the laptop is running.

Do the same as above but when asked for the drivers direct the computer to the new drivers that you downloaded.

Or the new drivers may have an installation program to run.

  iqs 14:29 01 Oct 07

Did as you suggested,the drivers were installed but still no option to print via wireless?.
Will un-install the drivers and try again.
Thanks for the help :-)

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