Wireless printer not detected

  weebil 29 Jan 12

Trying unsuccessfully to install a Kodak Hero 5.1 printer. Previous Epson printer had installed with no problems. Doing all the right things, the Hero 5.1 successfully linked with router but is not detected by computer. Any advice? Bill Stevenson

  bremner 29 Jan 12

Have you installed the drivers and associated software?

  weebil 29 Jan 12

Yes, done that. I should say that if the USB cable option is selected then there is no problem. It's just the wireless function that doesn't function. I go through all the procedure for wireless setup but when the the PC trys to locate the printer - it isn't found! Weird.

  frybluff 30 Jan 12

I had what sounds like the same problem, and found that my laptop was "holding" a "failed document", in a print queue. All it told me, though, was "printer not found". When I found this "failed document", and deleted it, my laptop miraculously found the printer. Obviously, may not be cause of your problem, but worth a check.

  bremner 30 Jan 12

Could your firewall be blocking the connection?

  muddypaws 30 Jan 12

Have you disconnected the USB lead? On my Kodak it wont recognise both at once.

  weebil 30 Jan 12

Checked firewall - ok. No failed documents Have only used USB cable for non-wireless connection. When cable is disconnected then printer is not detected. Thanks to all.

  frybluff 30 Jan 12

Hate to state the obvious, but if you look under "Devices and Printers", on your PC, does it show your new printer as the "default printer"?

  weebil 01 Feb 12

Reply to "flybuff" It lists the printer in Devices & Printers but when trying to print it is noted as "offline"

  weebil 01 Feb 12

Problem solved - it seems it was a firewall blocking after all.


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