wireless with ntl usb modem & usb only pc

  drive4it 18:17 15 Feb 06

Hi Folks, this is my first message on pc advisor, so go easy on me. :-)

im ok with pc stuff, and understand just a bit more than the basics.

ive a main pc (win xp) which has an ntl modem connected via a usb cable, as my pc only has usb and no ethernet connections.

other pc (win 98 2nd edition) is usb only.

the question is, what router can i use to connect to the main pc, and what usb external (dont which to open pc) card can i use on the secondary pc.

it'll be great if someone could advise, im really struggling with finding the relavant info on search engines, etc.

Cheers All

  Computerdope 18:32 15 Feb 06

wireless adapster

click here

and router
click here.

any god for you

  drive4it 19:48 15 Feb 06

i dont think that the router is compatible as it stated adsl, but thanks anyway


  ed-0 20:05 15 Feb 06

The connection into your modem. Is it RJ45 ( network cable ) or RJ11 ( telephone ).

This will determine the router you need.

  ed-0 20:22 15 Feb 06

If it is cable ( rj45 ) then you will need one of these. click here. This will take the cable signal and when programmed send the signal wirelessly to the other computers.
The two computers would need a usb transmitter receiver each. So 2 of these click here

Both can be ordered on the web but picked up at your local store. You will then get the cheaper price.

If you wanted to hard wire the router to the main PC. Then you could use a click here. This would take a hardwired ethernet cable from the router and convert it over to usb.

  Freddog™ 20:26 15 Feb 06

...that converts USB to RJ45.

  namtas 20:29 15 Feb 06

Easy set up and simple use a Linksys router usb from your main PC and a Linksys usb wireless adaptor from your win 98 machine. you might have to play around with setting to get file sharing but internet should be easy.

  silliw 23:05 15 Feb 06

Hi Drive4it,

If I have read your thread correctly your modem is coax fed and a usb lead connects the modem to your pc(are you connecting via your set-top box?). If this is close then I'm not so sure that there are any manufacturers out there that do a USB router. Quickly looking at the NTL site it would appear that there is the option to have either the USB connection or the standard ethernet type.

I would suggest that you speak to NTL about changing your modem to an ethernet type and then you can explore using a dsl router

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