wireless not connected

  jcks007 11:24 13 Oct 07

i have a toshiba laptop with a built in centrino thing.
i have a speed touch router which i use to concet to the internet with the desktop, which is wired via ethernet cable.
both are running xp.

for some reason, the laptops wireless connector will only work sometimes. More often than not it has a little red cross next to it and says not connected.
i tried using a d-link dongle and a belkin and i get the same results, a litte red cross and it telling me i'm not connected. when i pull up the available networks, i can see my router but it wont connect to it opr it hangs on aquring network address.
however it does work sometimes and i havn't changed a thing.
have i done something wrong? is there a step i havn't done?

  brundle 14:15 13 Oct 07

Likely that someone nearby is using the same wireless channel but with a more powerful signal. change wireless channel, 1 6 and 11 are the first to try. click here for site if you need the manual

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