Wireless networking using Broadband

  Kniffy 18:00 05 Nov 03

My household has 2 separate PCs, one on W98, the other on WXP, both connected at separate times to normal BT line via the one connector for ordinary "steam" web conncetions, using the same ISP.
Thinking of going BT Broadband to get their Voyager 2000 package for wireless simultaneous connection for more than one computer. Anyone done this and can comment please? Is there experience of other ISPs that provide same service but cheaper?

Helpful assistance gratefully appreciated. Kniffy

  roy 18:39 05 Nov 03

If your computers are close to each other or even in adjacent rooms consider networking them with ethernet cards (1 in each) and a cross-over cable connection as the cheapest way of doing this. Although I appreciate the attractions of a wireless network I am still using two pc's in different rooms connected by cable and both share my broadband connection without showing any reduction in bandwidth. What I mean is that each performs as if it is the only connection.

The only drawback for you to consider with my set-up is that my 'internet gateway' machine has to be on for the other to go on line. To get round that I would need a router.

  kbp 23:50 13 Dec 03

I set-up a wireless network using Voyager 2000 about a month ago. Connection up and running in less than 10 minutes (including getting stuff out of the box) and with four PCs connected to the V 2000 no noticable deterioration of speed of connection with any of the machines, Using Windows XP on all machines. Networking between the machines originally worked OK but now is non-functioning (don't know why and will shortly be posting here to request help!), altho broadband connection is still fine.

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