Wireless Networking - Share broadband

Bit of a problem, I have two wireless adapters and am trying to network a Laptop with Windows 98 to a PC with Windows Xp Professional.

I plan to share the broadband connnection over this.

The PC has the two computers in the corner on taskbar and is sending out a signal (as far as I can tell). However is not connected.

The Laptop has no computers but with a utility I got it picks up that there is a network there, but it wont connect.

When I try to use my network places on the PC it just comes up with -
Workgroup is not accesible.... please contact the administator... (I'm logged on as the administrator!)

Am I doomed 4ever or can ny1 help, has anyone had a similar problem

Please help, Alex

  recap 20:18 18 Mar 03

Disable any firewalls that you have running Alex.

  The PC Doctor 20:45 18 Mar 03

Have a look at this thread

click here

Someone looks as if they are having the same problems.....

You are going to have a problem with the two different versions of Windows anyway.

I used to use Win98se and Windows2000 on the same network and the Win98se PC couldn't access the Win2000 PC's due to the different protocols/access permissions.

If you can see the other PC try setting up Mapped Network Drives see if that helps at all.

thankyou - i will try that and get back to you

Would the Windows firewall affect the network conncetion? - If it does how do I turn it off?

  medicine hat 15:37 20 Mar 03

Have you run the Network Wizard?

Have you allocated IP addresses to the two PCs?

Have you advised XP that it is an ad-hoc network?

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