Wireless Networking & Broadband Sharing

  igk 21:27 28 Oct 04

Hi, At present I am home networking 3 pc's that share my BT Broadband connection, a new house move means that I am having to consider networking/sharing broadband wirelessly,Can I run this past you to see if I am correct:BT Voyager 200 Modem/Router (I use this now)connected to a wireless access point,and all pc's would have wireless pci cards/usb dongles?
Thanks in advance.

  easyrider 21:56 28 Oct 04

It seems okay I don`t know anything about BT Voyager 200 Modem/Router but I would imagine that it would need to be connected to one of the computers by rj45 cable.

  igk 00:42 29 Oct 04

Hi Easyrider, thanks, at present the voyager modem/router is connected to a network hub via the uplink port and this is cat5 cable (twisted pair)+rj45 connector, Im pretty sure this set up (substitute the hub for a wireless access point) should be ok,just needed a bit of support,thanks again.

  easyrider 20:12 29 Oct 04

Should be alright any problems let me know and I`ll try to help.

  igk 21:47 29 Oct 04

Hi Easyrider, many thanks,maybe a week or so yet but will let you know how it goes,all the best.

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