wireless networking

  mad1234 08:36 23 Jan 07

hi guys,
i am looking at networking 3 pc's together & adding more later as required. these pc's are in different rooms so i am looking at using a wireless network.
can anyone tell me where i can get some info on the best way to do this & are there any recomendations on what hardware & software to use?

  Skills 09:34 23 Jan 07

You need to purchase a wireless router and wireless cards for the pc's in question. There are many wireless routers out there so have a look around for best price. I have a netgear model myself which was easy to set up.

Just do a google search on wireless network setups for some info theres plently around.

As far as software goes most wireless cards will come with there own software but windows XP also has built in facilities for wireless networking.

  leedaz 09:52 23 Jan 07

Using Linksys here, and the range is awful. Will be using Netgear in future.
Take a look at the setup that uses your electricity cables and plug sockets to carry the signal, not cheap but good afaik.

click here

click here

  Strawballs 09:57 23 Jan 07
  Flying Teddy 10:01 23 Jan 07
  Strawballs 10:03 23 Jan 07

I am using Linksys more than happy, router is in back of house and can use laptop in neighbough's over road's upstairs back room and it is an ordinary 802.11g

  leedaz 10:22 23 Jan 07

Should add, I'm using BT Voyager wireless modem router (upstairs back room ), and Linksys WUSB54G adapter, maybe they don't communicate so well, 'cos downstairs back room you can't get a signal.

  mad1234 12:31 23 Jan 07

ok i already have my pc's connected to a wireless router but i want to be able to see the other pc's c: drive & have one pc as a sort of server where all my files are stored. can any one tell me how to do this?

  scotty 12:38 23 Jan 07

You need to share the drive (or at least one directory on a drive) for it to be seen by other computers on the network. In explorer, right click on the drive (or directory), select properties then select the Sharing tab. Select "Share this folder".

  mad1234 13:19 23 Jan 07

i didn't think it was that easy
thanks for all your help guys

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