wireless networking

  denno 17:12 26 Feb 06

I have LAN connecting main PC in home with 3 others in workshop. Hub is in workshop. I have Broadband on main PC. Can I use wireless to connect main PC to hub, leaving the other 3 connected to wired LAN ?

  keewaa 20:05 26 Feb 06

Do you mean replace the wired connection with wireless? Yes you could and share the internet with ICS. Not sure if I understand your setup properly.

  mgmcc 09:54 27 Feb 06

You could install a "Wireless Network Adapter" in the main PC and plug a "Wireless Access Point" into the hub. How effective the wireless network would be depends on the distance involved and what obstacles (walls, doors etc) are in the 'line of sight" between the two wireless devices.

Stand-alone Wireless Access Points tend to be very expensive compared to routers (which incorporate a Wireless Access point) so an alternative option would be to install a Wireless Router in the house, connect the main PC to it by cable, install a Wireless Network Adapter in one PC in the 'workshop', enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on that PC and continue to connect the other two PCs to it via the hub. However, this could create problems if you needed to run "File/Printer" sharing over the network as you would effectively have two separate networks - (1) house PC & wireless PC and (2) wireless PC & two other workshop PCs. Only the "wireless" PC would see all other PCs in the two networks, which would have to be in different subnets (IP ranges).

  denno 10:52 27 Feb 06

Thanks Keewaa. I wish to remove hard wired connection from main PC to hub and replace it with wireless leaving 3 workshop PCs hard wired to hub.
Thanks mgmcc

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