Wireless Networking

  cylon 08:45 07 Oct 04

My neighbours and I are trying to network our street.

We have to cover quite a large distance and we were looking at the wireless distribution system which is supported by some equipment.

We discounted using acess points because whilst they would allow us to cover the distance they would leave a coverage hole in the middle. Is this a valid statement or have I misunderstood point to point mode ?

We are now looking for a wirelss router which supports WDS and also has an ADSL modem, Buffalo do one but you can only support WDS with the beta software. Any other suggestions ?


  johnnyrocker 08:52 07 Oct 04
  cylon 19:20 03 Nov 04

Cheers for the reply johnnyrocker

We have used USR9106s which support WDS. We ended up buying four. USR produce external aerials if we needed them and cables with the reverse SMA are readily available.

Had trouble with which MAC to use as the units come with two.

Luckily we seem to be alright with the supplied aerials and have got all the way down the street.

Shortly after we bought the kit PCA did a review of a buffalo which also supports WDS.

These are the only two on the market

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