Wireless networking

  aj 21:00 16 Oct 03

I have two netgear cards (one PCI one cardbus) I have pinged each machine and get a reply, the monitor shows a 54Mbps connection but I can't configure the network. Can anyone help?

  obc 14:32 14 Dec 03

Have yoy had a reply yet - I have the same problem.

  s3mt3x 18:53 15 Dec 03

Assumming it's windows, the TCP/IP protocol is in place as you have said you can ping each adapter. What you need to configure now is the windows network protocol. This involves setting up a workgroup. R/Click on my computer, then properties and select the Network ID tab. Choose a workgroup name and make sure you set the same for each PC on the LAN then restar or disable then re-enable the netwrok connections on each machine - this time when you go into your network places, each machine/adapter should be there.

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