Wireless Networking

My son and I currently have our computers networked via two Belkin USB wirelass adaptors. He also shares my broadband internet connection, which is via a cable modem.

I'm looking to build a PC for my other son, who will also want to have internet sharing. I am thinking of buying a router so that my sons can use the internet without my PC being switched on.

Would I be correct in thinking that the router connects to the cable moedm and my PC meaning that I would have no need for the wireless adaptor that I am currently using. I could then give this to my younger son.

To sum up, I would have the router connected to my computer and the wireless adaptors connected to each of my sons machines. Is that correct?

Many thanks.

When you say 'router' I presume you refer to a hub/switch. If that is the case the cable modem plugs into one port of the hub, and the PC's into the others using standard network cards (available from £5 upwards). This removes the need for your wireless cards and also means the internet connection is not dependant on any one machine being turned on. (total cost would be approx £30 from ebuyer)I currently have 2 PC's networked via this method and a laptop also using standard (wired) network connection. Simple to set up and works a treat. If your 2 sons use the wireless cards only without any other network connection (unless your router has wireless access)

  bfoc 13:36 30 Aug 03

I have an NTl broadband connection and an Actiontec wireless router and USB connector.

My broadband connection plugs into the router and then I use the original cable to connect the router to my PC. My wife's laptop is then connected to broadband via a wireless USB connection.

My daughter(s) will also be connecting via wireless when they are home.

  jazzypop 15:53 30 Aug 03

The short answer is yes.

Of course, it will need to be a wireless router :)

Thanks for replies.

Seems to be as I thought.

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