wireless network and windows 95

  sugarbabe 13:49 04 Dec 06

Cannot believe i am even asking this question. I have had someone ask me if their windows 95 computer will work with the wireless broadband they have just got.

I think it won't but have been asked to check?????

  Aargh 14:07 04 Dec 06

A job to remember what sort of physical connections would be available for a system that old!

Assuming it is not a laptop I wonder if it will have any ethernet ports for cable connection, and it won't have USB. I'd also be surprised if it had any other adapter slots on the board to take a wireless card.

Assuming you were lucky enough to have a means of physically connecting a router, a 95 system will struggle in todays environment. ISP software if provided may not work on anything older than 98SE

  sugarbabe 14:12 04 Dec 06

hadn't thought about physical connection i was just thinking about the software not installing etc but i would think it will be impossible. thanks for advice.

  mgmcc 21:24 04 Dec 06

Although "wireless" networking will not be possible with Windows 95, there is no reason why it cannot connect by ethernet cable to a router and have both internet and local network access. An ethernet connection requires no ISP software and Win 95 does have TCP/IP protocol.

The problem would be to get a network adapter and Win 95 drivers for the PC. Its motherboard might have the older ISA slots instead of PCI, so you'd be into the "antiques" section of a computer fair!

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