Wireless Network setup via BT Broadband

  IanNiblock 14:22 27 Oct 03

Hello all,

I am looking at setting up a network in a friends house - she has a BT Broadband connection and a laptop with a wireless network card. Her five housemates all have desktops with standard Ethernet network cards.

Am I correct in thinking that the best (cheapest) option would be to buy an ADSL Wireless Router and a small hub (I think the best option is to buy a four port hub and split 1 of the ports using the hub?)

Can any suggest any alternatives / give advice

Thank you in advance.

  madPentium 16:07 27 Oct 03

Can you split ports and share them? Not as far as I know, they will require a unique network name/address for a piece of equipment connected.

If you need 5 ports and a link to the router, you will need an 8 port switch, dont get a standard hub. Switches work so much more efficiently.

So, the 5 housemates are being wired permanently with cat5 cable? or are they also to be wireless?

  IanNiblock 16:12 27 Oct 03

Thanks for that,

The 5 housemates are being wired permanently, I was just looking for the cheapest network configuration (they are all students!)

  madPentium 17:17 27 Oct 03

The other thing to remember is that the lead between the switch and the router needs to be a crossover cable. Unless you buy a netgear switch which has a port that does this automatically.

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