Wireless network set up

  808Slates 13:21 27 Feb 06

can anyone advise an idiot's guide to the set up requeried to Link one pc to the other for broadband access

Ok so I have 2 Wireless-G USB Network Adapters and a LINKSYS Wireless-G Router...

  ade.h 16:34 27 Feb 06

You haven't mentioned what type and model of modem you have plugged into that router. It's not a modem/router, as you probably know. It is alledgedly designed to accept USB ADSL modems in addition to the usual Ethernet Cable modems, but IME it rarely does! So if you're not using it with a cable service, you may have difficulties.

  808Slates 17:54 27 Feb 06

Does my BT router also have to be plugged in then??? God I sound bloody thick

  ade.h 18:16 27 Feb 06

If you are using a seperate modem and router, then you won't get very far if the two are not connected to each other!! Bit like trying to drive a car without an engine in it...

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