Wireless Network, please help!!

  rich549 22:57 07 Mar 05

hey all,

ive just brought 2 d-link usb wifi 802.11b adapters in the hope of being able to connect my Windows 2000 prof laptop to my Win XP pc so that i can internet connection share from the pc.

would anyone be able to tell me how i go about creating this as i have tried and failed numorous times and i honestly do not have a clue what im doing with it lol.

thanks for any help ya can give.

  Strawballs 00:36 08 Mar 05

What connection do you have (Dial up or Broadband)

  FelixTCat 11:19 08 Mar 05

On the XP pc, go to Control Panel - Network Connections and open the Network Setup Wizard. This will talk you through the process.

  rich549 11:51 08 Mar 05

I have broadband, and i have gone through network setup wizard and it has bridged my bluetooth connection which i use for my pda.

is there an easier way to do this and what do i need to do on my Win 2k laptop??

thanks for ya help.

  FelixTCat 12:16 08 Mar 05

If you can't both bridge your bluetooth and share your broadband on the same connection, then you will probably have to invest in a wireless adsl router.

Look at this as a typical example: click here

With this one, you also get a much faster wireless USB connector: click here

  rich549 12:20 08 Mar 05

the router is out straight away as 65 quid is too much lol.

is there any way i can do it with just the usb adaptors?

thanks again for the help.

  FelixTCat 12:46 08 Mar 05

If you can't both bridge and share, you will probably have to choose which way to go.

  rich549 14:19 15 Mar 05

ive sorted it out now i just needed to change the 1 at the end of the ip to a 2.

cheers for everyones help.

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