Wireless Network Help PLEASE!!!

  cthooli 21:27 17 Jun 03

I've purchased a Belkin USB wireless adapter as for my desktop computer running ME, and also a Belkin PCMCIA card for my laptop running XP. I've managed to get both devices working (with the blue window in the system tray for anyone else with a belin product) and they are both set up to the same channel, to an ad-hoc system and the same SSID name. I've run the network wizard countless times but to no avail. On the XP laptop it even shows the connection to the network 'home' which is what the SSID name is. Full signal strength. NOthing else. Each computer shows its own files in my network places but not each others!! Anyone got any ideas at all?!!?

  Gman 21:32 17 Jun 03

Have you got a firewall installed. If you do then you will have to configure it to allow your 2 pc's to talk to each other. Confirm this by temperorarily disabling the firewalls and re run the networking wizard. If you don't have firewalls installed then I don't know it should work.

  cthooli 21:34 17 Jun 03

no firewall............. :(

  cthooli 21:41 17 Jun 03

change of situation i can now see whats on the hard drive of each other computer but the internet is another problem all toghether! opening internet expoler it loaded the first page and started to load the next i selected then just went blank and said this page cannot be displayed and does the same for any subsequent request for a website and yes the host comp is connected

  Magik ®© 21:50 17 Jun 03

have you changed from "windows logon" to "microsoft network logon" ?

  cthooli 21:52 17 Jun 03


  Magik ®© 22:02 17 Jun 03

go to control panel, click on network, and change the box from the "windows logon" to "client for microsoft network"

  jazzypop 22:06 17 Jun 03

It sounds as if your PC does not know what DNS addresses to use - which ISP are you with?

  cthooli 22:15 17 Jun 03

the control panel thing works with the ME computer but there is no such option on the XP laptop. i'm with freeserve.

  cthooli 22:17 17 Jun 03

i had previously had the two computer connected through a wired network and it all worked briliantly, despite only using a 10Mbps hub

  jazzypop 22:29 17 Jun 03

Try setting the DNS entries for Freeserve - Primary Secondary

ME instructions click here (scroll down for broadband settings)

XP instructions click here

Ignore the example DNS entries given in the links, and use the numbers above

See also click here and make sure you have setup the Freeserve proxy details

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