Wireless Network HELP!!

  tims31 14:48 12 Aug 04

Some help needed please for wireless networking. I have a 3Com adsl modem router with firewall connected up for broadband, a linksys 11g wireless pci card and a 3com PCMCIA card for my laptop. I have installed it all and all is working OK as far as internet access is concerned. I can surf using my laptop or desktop no probs. It is using 128 bit WEP and that seems ok as well.
The problem is I want to access files and things between the two machines and be able to transfer the files between them but can't figure out how to set this up. I have tried to do it using the windows network wizard but this doesn't seem to work.
Do I have to set up the routing somehow for the two machines in the router?

Any help would be much appreciated. Easy basic steps would also be useful as this is my first attempt at networking.

  Baledor 14:56 12 Aug 04

But in the Linksys router control panel, you can set up the network as 'AdHoc' silly name for what I assume they mean peer-to-peer, see if there is a function within the 3Com settings.

Also try pinging one computer from the other.

  TomJerry 14:59 12 Aug 04

suppose you want to share c:\temp on desktop, Click "my computer", find this directory, right click, select propertoes, then select "Sharing" tab, then tick the box some lick share this directory over local net.

Then on Laptop, click "My Network Place", click computers on workgrop, then you can find desktop PC, double click and you can figure the rest out. Of course you need to go Network setup wizard to set up a workgroup and give each computer a name.

Sharing other things such as printer is similar.

have fun.

  tims31 15:06 12 Aug 04


I didn't think you could set up an ad hoc network on over wireless network, I thought you had to do infrastructure. Also, how do you ping the computer? As I said, not very knowledgeable on this.

  roy 15:45 12 Aug 04


Don't set up an ad hoc network. I think you can but don't. I think it can mess up your adsl modem.

  ste_bla 15:47 12 Aug 04

if on xp see what the computer name is (the one you wanna ping) (right click my comp, prop, comp name)

then go run > ping computername

eg if comp name was bob-12

START > RUN > ping bob-12

  Baledor 16:05 12 Aug 04

I personally wouln't make that sort of statement unless you have had experience of it, 'I think' helps no-one.

In the paperwork of the Linksys system it says to set up an Infrastructure network if you want the computers to communicate with the router only or Ad-Hoc if you want the network computers to talk to each other directly. I haven't done it as I only have one computer at home, but I wasn't guessing.

If you were sucessful I would think you could then set up the Internet Connection Sharing on one of the PC's and sccess it that way.

  roy 18:26 12 Aug 04



Yes, I was speaking from experience but what happened to me may not have been due to selecting Ad hoc. (I thought it might be at the time.)
However, the point of having a router is that either pc may connect to the internet through the router without the other machine being booted up. This would not be the case in an ad hoc set-up as then only one machine would connect to the internet and the other one would share the connection through the first one, ie the first one would be the internet gateway.

  TomJerry 22:36 12 Aug 04

you may never know, cat and mouse solution can work

  tims31 08:59 13 Aug 04

Thanks for the suggestions all. Will give those a try later and let you know the results.

  jonnytub 09:05 13 Aug 04

i'll second TomJerry's advice, this is often and the most commonplace error when people set up wireless networks.

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