Wireless Network Hell

  Woody44 19:38 01 Jan 06

This could be a repeat of the message I thought I have already posted but becuase there is not send button I don't know if it has gone anywhere.

The fact that I'm sending this again means I have to ammend the next line... I'd like to think I am a relatively intelligent chap but boy is Microsoft prooving me wrong... to now read I'm stupid but...

I have been trying to achieve the following...

Set up a wireless connection from our laptop downstairs to our computer upstairs, access files, share the same printer etc. At

I've tried to use the Windows help and support but quite frankly I'd be happier right now chewing broken glass. My reason for this is that there are so many assumptions made by the 'help' prompts most noteably how can you ask the right question if you don't know what you are doing. The step by step guide is not comprehensive and does not set up a few basic ground rules like "enter a computer name". What do they mean the "computer name"? The one I am typing into or the one I am trying to connect to (and so begins a host of questions)? All I want to do is be in the positon to access the upstairs computer and go into files and print them as if I was actually sitting upstairs (rather than the reality of being downstairs on the laptop) and send files to print upstairs from the laptop downstairs? Wishful thinking (or is the Village Idiot award on its way?

Is there anyone who can help me please?

Paul W

  Strawballs 20:38 01 Jan 06

click here This might help if all you want is to connect the 2 wirelessly without haveing to by a router.

  cream. 20:44 01 Jan 06

Sorry, I have that one.:-(

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