wireless network has no IP?

  chaztait 21:32 27 Feb 07

Hi i have just installed my network card for my latpop and it is connected to the router, but it only goes that far. It has a good strong connection to the router but does not connect to the internet and has no IP address, how do i create an IP or should i say how to i connect to the interent?



  kinger 21:40 27 Feb 07

Log into your router and enter your Internet username and password.

Save and reboot your router for settings to take effect.

You will need to set the encryption method under security settings too.

  chaztait 21:46 27 Feb 07

done that but no differance?

  chaztait 22:37 27 Feb 07

anyone kno how to do this?

  Hawy 22:37 27 Feb 07

Have you got a software firewall if so try disabling it to see if you can then connect. If you get a connection then its a case of looking at the firewall settings.

  Ashrich 22:54 27 Feb 07

Assuming the router is actually connected to the Internet click on your wireless network connection , if it is on the task bar , and on the left side click on Properties , double click on TCP/IP and make sure that " Obtain an IP address automatically " and " Obtain DNS server address automatically " are both ticked . Can you get onto the Internet using the Cat5 cable connected to your Ethernet port , do you have an IP address then ?


  chaztait 18:17 28 Feb 07

hi i have tried to find were you are talkin about, dont know what properties you are talking about,i clicked on the newtork on the taskbar and went to properties there but thats to select what wireless entwork you want to connect to, if this computer should should share its interent etc. dont think im in the right bit, am i?


  chaztait 18:22 28 Feb 07

just found the bit you wer talking about ashley, it says what you want it to say and its selected.

What could it be then :(


  chaztait 18:51 28 Feb 07

on my router settings, in the client list i think my laptops wireless connection is this one

IP Address Host Name MAC Address your-96psav9dh0 00:12:17:24:af:ff

  chaztait 19:19 28 Feb 07

also, it connects using windows and not the software that it came with, when i hover over the icon on the taskbar which is for the software you get with it, it says (something) is not connected,

  Ashrich 20:28 28 Feb 07

Double click on the Windows wireless icon on the task bar then click the support tab , what does it say ? Does it give you an IP address ? Or , when you do that , is it asking you to connect to the wireless network ( it looks like a single monitor ) ....


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