wireless network fails to connect

  moorephil 14:54 23 Jan 11

Hi there,
every once in a while the wireless internet fails to connect on my laptop.Win 7.
I use a D-Link router.


  rawprawn 14:56 23 Jan 11

I use BT, but try changing settings, Password and Channel

  moorephil 15:22 23 Jan 11

what settings do i change and how?

  rawprawn 17:22 23 Jan 11

As I said I don't use D Link but I found this
click here
With Bt it is easy to change passwords and channels (11 is good)maybe someone who uses DLink can be more help.
From my link it may be difficult to change channels, but I would try changing your password

  rawprawn 17:27 23 Jan 11

Look here
In the menu for the router, click on Setup and on the left hand side click on Wireless Settings. On the Wireless Network Settings section click on Wireless Channel.

  moorephil 20:31 24 Jan 11

Thanks rawprawn for all your help, I will try your ideas and eventually let you know how I get on.

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