Wireless network extension via Ethernet

  bernard46 18 Jun 11

I have a Wireless router at the front of my house and it needs to remain there. I use this for wirelss access from a laptop. I need to use the laptop at the rear of the house but the signal will not extend that far. So I have installed a Cat5 cable to reach to the rear of the house. I would like to attach a device to this cable at the rear so that I can have wireless access to the house network from anywhere within a reasonable distance. I am confused about what type of router/switch/hub I would need to do this - can anyone advise me please?

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 11

Solwise Why not do it using homeplugs. These would eliminate the need for a cable. You would need a standard one plugged into a socket near the router and a wireless one at the other side of the house.

  bernard46 18 Jun 11

Well, the cable is there already so I would like to use it if possible. I'm just not sure, having read all the jargon, whether it is possible to have what would effectively be a wireless repeater but connected via ethernet to the other wireless router (which was supplied by the ISP - Virgin Media).

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 11

If mgmcc comes along, he'll know for sure.

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 11

A read of this

1: http://www.40tech.com/2010/09/20/how-to-extend-the-range-of-your-wireless-network-using-a-spare-router-as-a-wireless-access-point/ may make things clearer

  onthelimit1 18 Jun 11

Sorry, don't know what went wrong there - try this link link text

  bernard46 18 Jun 11

I checked out both of your suggestions and found them interesting. Thanks for the input. Unfortunatley I don't have another spare router around that I could try out the Tomato solution on, but if I'm buying something the Solwise solution looks interesting. Do you have any suggestions of other off-the-shelf devices that could make use of the wired ethernet connection? Thanks


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