wireless - a mystery to me

  Super Frankie Lamps 13:50 07 Sep 06

hopefully someone can help me

i have a laptop with 802.11g internal wireless card, a belkin 54g wireless router, a dell pc with usb wireless adapter attached and a PSP.

now i have been having a few problems connecting to the router wirelessly recently. after hardwiring to the router i set the encryption as wep 64 bit and put in a 5 letter ascii code as the network key. i then went into wireless connection settings on my laptop and my psp and changed the encryption to

1. laptop - shared wep, and under network key i typed my 5 digit code, confirmed it and pressed ok. however i noticed the confirm value had changed to 8 digits, although i don't know what digits as they are encrypted. when i try to connect wirelessly it comes up with please enter wep key and after that "please wait while windows connects to the belkin 54 network". and keeps on waiting, and waiting etc, eventually giving up and going back to the choose a wireless network page.

2. PSP - wep when trying to connect it comes up with the message " connection error has occured, the attempt to obtain the ip address timed out"

this is quite frustrating and confusing for a novice like myself. all i want is a wireless network that works. please help

  ade.h 14:10 07 Sep 06

Well, to start with; don't use WEP and don't use a 5-character password. Not unless yours is the only secured network in your neighbourhood surrounded by softer targets. WPA and a c.20 character mix of symbols, numbers and letters is considered the sensible approach.

1) You may have better luck if you wait until you are prompted by this screen click here before entering any key. XP obfuscates all passwords by displaying a deliberately inaccurate number of dots.

2) No idea, I'm not a gamer.

  Super Frankie Lamps 14:49 07 Sep 06

thanks for that ade, will try and change to wpa, and the info on xp and the password, didn't know that.

i'm not a gamer either, just a gadget freak :)


  bruno 18:38 09 Sep 06

I have just gone on to Sky broadband today and I am quite ignorant on wireless connections.I have got it up and running using the ethernet connection.As I am running my PC on a fairly long phone extension(24feet),I wondered if I would gain speed by putting my router next to the master phone point at the other end of the room and using my wireless adaptor to make the "jump".

  bruno 18:39 09 Sep 06

Sorry about posting here.I thought I had opened a new thread.Trying to watch the footie at the same time.

  ade.h 18:40 09 Sep 06

Please note the forum guidelines about thread hijacking. You need to start your own thread.

  ade.h 18:40 09 Sep 06

Our posts crossed there.

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