Wireless Multi Networking

  Highland Guy 23:05 25 Mar 07

Hi folks, I'm probably going to sound really thick with this question but here goes anyway lol.

At the moment I have a wireless router/modem on my main pc in house. I also have a pc in the shed which connects via a usb device all connects fine and dandy.

My question is this is it possible to have some kind of receiving device in the shed that connects to the wireless router/modem in the house but with ethernet ports on it so I wouldn't have to have a seperate usb device for each pc connected in the shed?

By this I mean each pc in the shed could just be plugged into said device via ethernet connection thus giving each one access to the network.

I hope this makes some kind of sense lol lol

Many thanks in advance

  Strawballs 23:43 25 Mar 07

You could plug a switch click here into the lan of the PC with the wireless connection (if it has one) and set up ICS on that machine and use it as a gateway but you will have to leave it on all the time any of the others want to access the net.

  Highland Guy 12:52 26 Mar 07

Thanks for the response strawballs but I am looking for much as you describe but more of a stand alone wireless switch if there is such a thing.

  Highland Guy 16:14 26 Mar 07

Could it be a wireless network hub I'm looking for? Would this do as I require?
Help!!!!!! lol lol

  Highland Guy 00:45 27 Mar 07

Got it!!!! it's a wireless ethernet converter I need it connects to router wirelessly and has ethernet ports to plug pc's into thus giving me the ability to have up to four pc's connected from it.


  Strawballs 01:21 27 Mar 07

I'm glad you found what you were looking for but what is it's price compared to seperate wireless adapters?

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