wireless modem or is it a router?

  tAtu*! 20:28 08 Jan 07


Can anyone help?

i have just bought a laptop, and want to access the internet wireless.

At present i am using my BT voyager 205 that has cables running all over my lounge. my laptop has a:Dell Wireless 1370 WLAN Mini-PCI Card.

can anyone tell me what i specifically need to enable me to access the web wireless.

any help would me much appreciated!


  skidzy 20:38 08 Jan 07

Is this your modem router click here

if so,is this connected to the pc ?

  tAtu*! 21:19 08 Jan 07

it is yes,

i used this modem on my pc, but i have now sold my desktop and only have a laptop.

i connect this modem using ethernet from laptop to modem


  skidzy 21:26 08 Jan 07

have you enabled the wireless card on the lappy ?

It should see the router once the ethernet is disconnected.

You may have to enter the Wep/Wpa encrypted security key.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:33 08 Jan 07

If you like BT stuff just ditch the 205 and get a Voyager 2110. This is a modem and wireless router and also has 4 ethernet ports. It is easy to set up and has a WEP key included as standard, (key code on label on base)

  tAtu*! 11:20 09 Jan 07

silly question but....

How do i enable the wireless card in my laptop?

When I log on i am sure the wireless card trys to find avaialble networks to log on to.

Would my wireless card still find my 205 voyager without the ethernet connection?????

I am sure my card is a Dell Wireless 1370 WLAN Mini-PCI Card


  wadi-el-udoinere 16:54 09 Jan 07

The 205 is not wireless is it?

  tAtu*! 07:29 10 Jan 07


If i was to by a wireless modem, are they easy enough to set up???

  Ho-Lin-Sok 09:44 10 Jan 07

Most are pretty simple to set up these days.

  wjrt 18:53 10 Jan 07

1370 WLan is not a wireless card it is an ethernet or firewire for connecting to modem by cable. if wireless then look for Intel Pro ****BG network connection. on my dell the F2 has what looks like an aerial mast with waves coming out either side and is used in conjunction with Fn to switch wireless on/off. on toolbar at bottom if you have an icon with a monitor with waves emanating then right clicking on it should show a box with all available wireless networks.

  tAtu*! 19:38 10 Jan 07

i have used the fn key with f2 and it shows a mast with a red circle around it.

will i get all the equipment i need if i buy a wireless modem router?

i am thinking of getting the bt home hub as everything i need comes in the pack?

can antone recommend a good inexpensive wireless modem router that has all the equipment i will need??


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