Wireless mini-pci cards - are all slots the same?

  Charleu 19:04 26 Sep 05


I have a Toshiba Satellite 5200-902 (click here), which currently has a Linksys Wireless-G PC card in it which I use to connect to my wireless network.

Connection is little patchy because my laptop is upstairs and the router is downstairs.

My laptop has aerials in the lid for wireless reception which can be used with a Wireless mini-pci adaptor slot in the bottom of the notebook. It would be much more conveinient if I could install a card in there and get better reception due to a much larger aerial and a generally more streamlined system (it would also free up the PC-Card slot for other things).


Toshiba say that my laptop is only compatible with a particular card that only supports 802.11b NOT b and g. Indeed the laptop model is now around 2 years old and I'm not even sure they make the card anymore (and it was around £115!)

So my question is aren't all mini-pci card slots the same and if so shouldn't I be able to use any card? such as this one
click here

Thanks very much in advance! :-)

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