Wireless Laptop

  Les 12:09 27 Dec 07

First let me make clear that I am completely WiFI ignorant and so my question may appear stupid if so please forgive me!

I have recently bought a Toshiba P200 IEE laptop and eventually hope to go wireless for both Desktop and laptop. I understand that the desktop will have to have an adaptor to receive the signals. The laptop confuses me when they say that it is wireless ready - what exactly does that mean - I don't need an adaptor for it?

  dms05 12:46 27 Dec 07

The laptop will have a mini-pci card installed and that will receive the wireless signal from a WiFi Router. You will need to add an adaptor to your Desktop to access the WiFi signal. When you first set up the WiFi Router it's best done using a LAN cable, once the initial set up is complete you can go wireless for both laptop and desktop. Don't forget to encrypt with WPA to make your WiFi signal secure.

  Les 13:24 27 Dec 07


Thanks for confirmation 8-)) - I was under the impression that an aerial should be needed but, if the card itself can pick it up so much the better. As I have said so many times "We live and learn" - but - in my case forget just as easily 8-( - age related I fear.

Thanks again.

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