Wireless LAN card in Windows XP

  shepherd 07:22 18 May 05

Well .... I cannot get a Wireless Internet to work with Windows XP.

Having moved from a PC running Windows 98SE, and then a PC running ME,
I have a PC running XP.

The wireless LAN card, which worked well under the previous OS systems
cannot install itself under XP.

Windows 'finds' it as new hardware (as a Network Controller rather than a
Network Adapter) but cannot find the card's software to install it.

The wireless LAN card has its own software with driver and utility.

In Device Manager, there is the yellow explanation mark against Network
Controller. The device ought to appear under Network Adapter as
802.11g Wireless LAN.

I have tried all that I can do and some things I should probably not do
but I cannot get it to work.

Has anybody had a similar problem or experience of how to get the
connection working, please?

Terry Braverman

  sidecar sid 07:40 18 May 05

What did you install first,the card or the software?

  shepherd 16:53 18 May 05

I installed the drivers first and then the LAN card.

  Dipso 21:15 18 May 05

Obvious question...have you tried it the other way around, install the card first then the software?

  shepherd 17:40 19 May 05

I installed the drivers first, shut down, and then installed the LAN card.

I've explained the situation better in the subject "LAN card with WinTV" (after studying the problem through less bleary eyes).

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