wireless keys on laptop

  22moodindigo 02 Feb 12

I have a Gareway laptop MT6839b...I am trying to turn wireless on.. before going wireless...I have tried Fn+F2..can't see symbol on lower right screen can't see a switch on sides or bottom..the laptop is able to go wireless it has sticker 802.a/b/g11 I run Vista ..my router is Echolife HG 520b wireless supplied by Talktalk.... can anyone help...I think I need to go somewhere "inside" to enable wireless ?? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 02 Feb 12

Check card is working in device manager

  22moodindigo 02 Feb 12

Thanks FB...looked in device manager.not sure what to do there...

  buteman 02 Feb 12

Try Fn and F1,

Not a little switch on the front or sides that you turn on is there or a key that looks like a radio mast.

  buteman 03 Feb 12

It is not on the start of the touchpad is it.

  lotvic 03 Feb 12

It should be Fn+F2 I think according to ClickHere

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 03 Feb 12

In device manager open + network adaptors are there any exclamation marks (red or yellow) against the wireless adaptor?

  22moodindigo 03 Feb 12

Tried Fn+F2 and other combinations..pressed F2 ( which has wireless symbol)..no go

Looked at device manager...Network Adaptors..shows Intel (R) PRO/wireless 3945ABG Network Connection.....................seems ok...no yellow or red symbols....I double clicked on there..another box appeared telling me it was working correctly........I am stumped !!!

  lotvic 03 Feb 12

It's definitely hold down FN key and press F2 according to the pdf: 8511884 - Gateway Notebook Reference Guide for Windows Vista

The wireless status indicator light is at the bottom right below the touchpad (((o)))

OR you could: Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories then click on Window Mobility Centre.

The Windows Mobility Centre opens, now you can click on 'Turn Wireless ON' or 'Turn Wireless OFF'

  22moodindigo 03 Feb 12

looked at touchpad as I clicked Fn+F2...all very faint on pad...BUT as I click Fn+F2 a light goes on and off....but on bottom lefthand side of touchpad.....so THAT must be it..!! ..I was looking at r/h side of task bar for symbol..never thought of lights on pad.....GREAT....Thank you ALL...very much I think all is now ok..!!! Many thanks again...u have made a dummy..happy !!!!!

  lotvic 03 Feb 12

Glad it's sorted, and it was my typo that confused location of status indicator:

should have been

The wireless status indicator light is at the bottom left, right below the touchpad (((o)))


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