Wireless keyboard stops typing problem

  Pepper9 09:21 15 Jan 14

My wireless keyboard works fine when I switch on the computer but as the day goes on the characters seem to take more time to "arrive" on the page. Sometimes parts of a word will be missing although I have typed in all the correct characters and I have to use the mouse to click at the insertion point to begin again. I have changed the batteries in the keyboard - it does not show "low battery levels". Any ideas please? Many thanks Phil

  onthelimit1 09:37 15 Jan 14

Generally, when this happens, I've found it's time for a new one.

  xania 10:08 15 Jan 14

I had a similar problem some months ago and found that moving the receiver unit improved matters. I now have it on a long USB extension lead on the wall just above my desk.

BTW - do you also have a wireless mouse and have you noticed any problems with this?

  Pepper9 10:18 15 Jan 14

I do have a wireless mouse - the original one stopped working a month or so ago so I had to replace that. The new one is fine. The receiver is actually in the computer Phil

  spuds 11:39 15 Jan 14

When these type of problems occur,its either battery power, location of equipment or simple replacing the item for something newer.

You could look up for any new drivers available, but I generally find it more cost effective and less time consuming to consider a replacement of components are necessary.

Is the mouse and keyboard from the same manufacturer, and the same as the originals?.

  Pepper9 11:51 15 Jan 14

Thanks xania and Spuds. The mouse and keyboard were Sony (to go with the computer). The new mouse is a Logitech.

  spuds 12:06 15 Jan 14

What operating system are you using, there might be a way of checking compatibility or whether the items are functioning and being 'accepted' by the computer.

  Pepper9 12:25 15 Jan 14

Using Windows 7

  spuds 12:49 15 Jan 14


I was a regular user of XP, and have only just started to use W7, so I am a little unsure what to advice for doing further checks within that system.

Suggest you wait for someone to pick up the post for advice on W7. Their comments would also be appreciated by me for a learning curve to W7 functions.

  Pepper9 14:03 15 Jan 14

Many thanks spuds - will do.

  xania 11:33 16 Jan 14

There's no real difference between the 2 systems. Drivers come with the equipment or can be downloaded, but you may need to ensure that you select 32-bit or 64-bit as appropriate.

However, as I understand matters, the keyboard did work, but now does not. If this happened at the same time you got the new mouse, and you have replaced the old receiver with the new one (or have them both installed), I would suspect compatibility problems and that you will need to replace your keyboard with one from Logitech which they agree is compatible with their mouse. However, first, as I say, try using an extension lead to put the receiver in direct line with the keyboard and move it around to see if you can get better reception that way.

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