wireless keyboard conflicting

  add-mini 12:48 08 Aug 06

I have recently bought two dell computers with wireless keyboard and mouse. The desks they are on face each other so are quite close and we are finding that it is almost impossible to use both keyboards and mice at the same time as they interfere with each other. I would really welcome any suggestions as to how to cure it.

many thanks

  FelixTCat 13:28 08 Aug 06


I don't have them, for that sort of reason; but this can hardly be a new problem. Are there any switches underneath them for changing channels? Or in Control Panel?

What do the instructions say on this matter?



Install a PS2 keyboard and mouse on one PC with the wireless on the other. You may lose your mouse if you continue with 2 very close to each other.
You may find that wireless mouse & keyboard in separate rooms will work but the range is often about 4metres so conflicts can occur

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