Wireless issue.

  nsol 03 Aug 11

Hi guys,

My wireless connections works fine on my laptop (Samsung S3511) but won't work on my PC. When it does, it disconnects a LOT and the strength keeps changing. I'm not sure what's going wrong. Drivers are up to date, and everything seems to be normal on my Desktop. I'd appreciate some help. I'm with Virgin media (UK).

Here are my PC specs:

ASUS P8P67 PRO Intel 2500k 3.3 GHz TP Link WN851N Adapter


  mgmcc 03 Aug 11

Try changing the Channel number in the router's wireless settings. Many routers use either 6 or 11 as the default so try one of these or, if already using one, try the other.

Avoid 1/2, as many other devices such as cordless phones use these, and avoid 12/13 which some adapters won't connect to.

  nsol 03 Aug 11

Tried that. It's improved a little, but the signal still changes quite a bit.

  mgmcc 03 Aug 11

The type of encryption used might also be causing a problem with the desktop PC. If using "WPA2 with AES", try changing to "WPA with TKIP". Doing this will mean that you need to delete the profiles from all computers that connect wirelessly and then go through the procedure to connect them again when a new profile will be saved.

  nsol 03 Aug 11

Thanks. Will the same password work?

  mgmcc 03 Aug 11

Should do as both use a key of between 8 and 63 ASCII characters.

  nsol 04 Aug 11

That didn't help either :(. Signal strength still fluctuates quite a bit! :(

  nsol 05 Aug 11

Managed to fix it :). Just moved my desk around in the room.


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